The Quads Have Names!

Apr 6, 2016 | Animals, News & Events, Quads, Videos

During the month of March, 2016, people voted to name the quadruplet lambs that were born at Pingree Farms in Detroit on March 6, 2016. There were almost 500 votes cast and when we announced the results on April 6, the winning group was clear:

234 – Spring Lambs (Sweet Pea, Marigold, Sunflower, Clover)

166 – Motown Gang (Diana, Martha, Aretha, Stevie)

20 – Pingree Gang (Omira, Grixdale, 7 Mile, Robinwood)

19 – Lake Lambs (Michigan, Superior, Erie, Huron)

14 – Ink Spots (Billy, Deek, Charlie, Hoppie)

13 – Skyline Lambs (Whitney, Penobscot, Book, Fisher)

8 – Dream Cruise Lambs (Woodward, Grand River, Gratiot, Jefferson)

6 – Mayor Lambs (Pingree, Young, Duggan, Bing)

All four lambs are doing well under the care of Holly Glomski and Jimmy Green with help from students, 4Hers, friends and family. The quads’ mother, Martha, is also doing well after receiving excellent treatment at MSU right after the lambs were born.