Jimmy with lamb_7102I was in the barn today taking photos of the lambs when Jim Green and his son, Jimmy Mac stopped by to feed the lambs. The Pingree Quads need to be fed every four hours or so and thanks to Jimmy Mac, they get fed—even at 4:00 am! Jimmy is there for these little lambs, warming up the milk and feeding them until their tummies are full. The lambs love when Jimmy arrives because they know it’s time to eat, and because he’s a lovable guy!

Jimmy also assisted Martha, the lambs’ mother, when the quads were born. He made sure all four of the babies were safe and sound and helped them to get up on their feet quickly to get some of that fabulous mother’s milk!

Jimmy is one of the founding members of Pingree Farms and can often be seen around the farm taking care of everything from lambs to seedlings.