Pingree Farms 4-H at the State Rabbit Show

by | Apr 28, 2017 | 4-H, Animals, News & Events, Videos | 0 comments

On Saturday, January 28th fifteen students from the Pingree Farms 4-H Club attended the State 4-H Rabbit Show at the Michigan State University Livestock Pavilion.

Each 4-Her chose a Pingree Farms rabbit to train and exhibit at the show. They competed with 4-H students located around the entire state of Michigan. Dorthy, a Pingree Farms 4-H member, qualified to compete in the Gold Clover Showmanship competition. The Gold Clover Showmanship class was limited to one entry from each county. Dorthy qualified as the top rabbit show person in Wayne County.

All the 4-H members left the experience feeling excited to keep learning and showing rabbits and other livestock. Most participants won metals and ribbons in their classes and they felt an overwhelming sense of achievement knowing that they were able to compete at the state level.