PPPIF (Putting Pingree Plants In Flats) Day at the Belle Isle Greenhouses!

Apr 12, 2013 | News & Events


So, THIS SATURDAY (TOMORROW) FROM 12-3 there will be the PPPIF (Putting Pingree Plants In Flats) day at the Belle Isle Greenhouses.

This is not to be confused with PPPIG (Putting Pingree Plants In Ground ) days the Saturday before Memorial Day Weekend and the Saturday After Memorial day weekend.

Nor should it be mixed up with just plain PPP (Pingree Plot Preparation) days which will be some miscellaneous days in May once the snow melts!!!!!

We don’t need tons of folks . . .but I suppose as usual . . .the more the merrier. . . .but this one is a little lower key. . . . single steel drummer to provide some background music while you transfer newly started seedlings from their initial sprouting trays into the cells of the flats where they will grow until it is time for PPPIG days… but there are 500 flats that need to be filled with dirt while others do the transplanting so not like we will be done in an hour. Then we were thinking upon completion to have everyone back to the Farm and have some hot dogs and maybe a little dance in our “barn”

If you have never been to Belle Isle. . ..the aquarium is open from 10AM to 3 PM. . . .I think the Conservatory should be open. Pretty sure the Nature Center is open too.

So. . . if you find yourself sitting around TOMORROW Saturday April 13th. . . and you are thinking. . .”I should get up and do something”. . . here is a MAP!