Milton and Pingree – A Match Made in Heaven Detroit

Jan 27, 2017 | News & Events

Milton, Laika, and Roxy in the kitting, packaging, and shipping department

Milton Manufacturing has been the major supporter for Pingree Farms from the start. By providing facilities and volunteers, Milton has been a huge reason for Pingree Farms success. The unique partnership is tremendous, providing a huge array of benefits to both parties. Together, Milton Manufacturing and Pingree Farms demonstrate their dedication to education and community by building a better Detroit.

Each year Milton makes a calendar featuring different areas of the business to give to clients, employees, family and friends. This year, we decided mix it up a bit and make a joint Milton and Pingree calendar. Daniel Eller from BxB Media, who does most of the photography and video work for Milton and Pingree, came up with the idea of photographing the animals in the factory. We all thought it was a great idea so we went to work planning the photo shoot.

It was no small undertaking to bring the farm animals into the factory. A plan was devised to keep the animals happy, healthy, and safe and a team of animal handlers was created with the Pingree Farms Manager, Holly, at the lead and Laura and Aaron (both Milton employees) lending a hand. Lisa, Ryan and Cruce, who work with Daniel also assisted. We thank all the volunteers who generously helped over the five-day shoot and in the end, Daniel got the 13 shots that he used to create this one-of-a-kind calendar.

We are beyond pleased with the final 2017 calendar and are excited to share it with you! We are printing a limited supply of calendars so to get yours, go to the Pingree Farms donation page and make a donation of $50 today to get one of these one-of-a-kind calendars. Get yours today! Trust us, you won’t be sorry!