The people at Pingree Farms heard about the goat yoga crazy a few months ago and decided to give it a try. They scheduled one day in March with four classes throughout the day and all 80 spots were sold in less than 48 hours! They had NO IDEA how much people would love it! So, they added more classes, and then more! Each time they added classes, they sold out quickly. It was hard to keep up! They ended up with six weekends scheduled and in the end will have had almost 500 participants! AMAZING!



Each class is unique but here are the basics: participants gather in a building that has been transformed into a “barn” complete with straw-covered floors. They put down their yoga mats and begin class by lying on their backs and listen to instructors Barb and Lindsay guide them to relax and focus on being fully present. Then in come the goats. Big, pregnant mama goats, “teenage” goats and adorable baby goats start wardering through the room. Participants continue their routines while they reach out to pet a goat or hold a baby. Sometimes a goat decides they want to snuggle or lay on one of the mats. The babies like to climb so a few people get to feel those little hooves on their backs. In all, there is a lot of smiling and laughing. Goats are naturally curious and very social so they really seem to enjoy the classes and all the extra attention!

Special thanks to Holly Glomski, the Pingree Farms manager, and all the volunteers who have been working like crazy to make these events a success.

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Proceeds from these events go to support Pingree Farms Foundation, a nonprofit organization. Pingree Farms serves as a catalyst for growing Detroit neighborhoods through education, volunteerism, partnerships, leadership, and action through Agriculture.