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Baby goats can kick up your yoga game!
Pingree Farms has goat yoga

When someone says “yoga,” you might think quiet, calm, slow-moving exercise, but the growing trend of adding baby goats to the workout changes everything. Fitness expert Jody Trierweiler joined us in studio along with Holly Glomski, from Pingree Farms, who brought in several baby goats.

So how does goat yoga work? Glomski explained it saying, “The baby goats are actually our instructors. They are playful, fun spirited and lead the way as we participate in a yoga class.”

As Glomski puts it, goats are “the barnyard clown” and they create a spontaneous and fun atmosphere you don’t typically get in a yoga studio. They will socialize and interact with you as you do poses.

Pingree Farms is a community resource for the city of Detroit. They do a lot of school programming, field trips, and other programs for the community. For more information on Pingree Farms, please visit their website.