4-HPingree Farms is proud to partner with Oakland and Wayne County 4-H groups and is working to build and strengthen the relationship over the next few years. Hundreds of 4-H kids from all over the Metro Detroit area have visited Pingree to learn about many of the aspects of farming through activities such as collecting eggs, keeping track of the animals’ growth, shearing sheep, planting seedlings and, yes, even mucking out the stalls! Many of our 4-H kids have gone on to participle at the county fairs by leasing the animals from the farm to train and show.

For some of the kid that participate in the 4-H/Pingree programs, this is the only way they would ever have the opportunity work with animals and learn how to care for them. For many, coming to Pingree is the first time they have ever seen a cow, horse or pig in person. It can be very exciting!

The skills and knowledge that are gained through the 4-/Pingree programs—including leaderships skills, working with a team, patience and kindness—will serve them well for the rest of their lives. If you are interested in learning more about the 4-H/Pingree partnership, please contact us by filling out this form:

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